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  • Located near the equator, Sri Lanka is one of the few tropical countries in the world that can boast of being a true ‘All Year Round’ holiday destination.
  • Changing money –plenty of banks and Western Union booths are available in most of the major cities.
  • Sri Lanka offers visitors an excellent range of accommodation facilities to suit all budgets from luxury hotels to low budget accommodations.
  • Tipping- expected and accepted by drivers and stewards at restaurants
  • Traveller checks are not very popular/not advised

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  • Buddhism is the predominant religion, although Hindus, Moslems and Christians are also present.
  • Religious sensibility- Sri Lankans are extremely sensible to religious issues. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes to religious and historical places. Females are advised to wear clothes that are not too revealing.
  • Remove caps, sun shades and footwear before entering a religious or cultural site.